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M. Harris & Co. Welcomes Kevin Pang

M. Harris & Co. has a new collaborator: Kevin Pang, the James Beard Award-winning journalist, documentary filmmaker (For Grace on Netflix), and founding editor-in-chief of The Takeout, The Onion’s non-satirical food site. 

Kevin was a longtime staff writer at the Chicago Tribune, and has written for The New York Times, Vanity Fair, and Saveur. In less than two years, Kevin built The Takeout from an audience of zero to 10 million page views and 6.3 million unique visitors each month

Together, Kevin and I intend to do two things:

  1. Take all of Kevin’s learnings about how to create stories, film, and content that people love to consume and share, and apply that to creating content for our shared clients.

  2. Build up a line of business focused on food. This industry, perhaps more than any other, has elevated Chicago to the global stage, and we want to help it stay there.  

M. Harris & Co. is growing quickly, and the greatest privilege of being an entrepreneur is getting to choose who I work with. People like Jane Hirt, Mark Jacob, Deborah Shelton, Stephan Benzkofer, Lindsey Camelio and Alex Garcia. And what’s important is that all of us do the actual work, from building media databases to coming up with ambitious marketing strategies. Because we love doing the work.

I like to say we operate on the Avengers model, and I’m excited to welcome our newest superhero in Kevin.

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Melissa Harris